VR for Business

Thinking about using VR for your business? Then you have come to the right place at VRtuali!

Although Virtual Reality (VR) started out as part of the gaming industry, today it is much more widely used.

Nowadays, companies use Virtual Reality for various purposes. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Why use VR Marketing ?

Virtual Reality can be a very powerful marketing tool. One of the main reasons for this is that with VR Marketing you can create more engagement and awareness with the recipient than with recipients of traditional media. This has three causes.

Virtual Reality is new and innovative, which of course benefits the marketer. There is an immediate curiosity in the receiver when a message is presented in VR form.

When wearing VR glasses you really feel like you are in another world. There is hardly any distraction from outside, so the receiver pays more attention to the message.

Because the message is viewed in 3D, the intensity is higher than with traditional media. As a result, it rather evokes emotion in the viewer and this (indirectly) influences his or her (purchasing) behaviour. VR experiences are also remembered better than traditional media.

This is how you can use Virtual Reality for your Business

vr for business

Staff Training

A first way in which VR can be interesting for companies is for staff training. By using Virtual Reality, specific situations can be simulated, giving the student the opportunity to practice such situations. Think, for example, of fire or disaster drills, where your staff learn how to act when a similar situation arises.

Mimicking Environments

By imitating an environment in the virtual world, you can ‘enter’ the space without being physically present. For example, real estate agents are increasingly using this to allow their potential customers to view a home ‘remotely’.

vr for business

VR at Trade Shows and Events

Virtual Reality is an excellent way to attract people at trade shows or events. Due to the playful nature of VR, almost everyone enjoys putting on VR glasses and entering a fictional world.

vr for business

Do research

Virtual Reality is very suitable not only as entertainment, but also for a more serious purpose. For many companies, doing research is an important part of their business. After all, it is very important to continue to innovate. Nowadays, VR is increasingly used in research. A virtual environment is the ultimate way to research something, because you can influence all kinds of factors relatively easily.

Curious about the possibilities of VR Marketing for your company?

This is why our clients choose VRtuali

Customer success driven

VRtuali provides tailored solutions for IT and Multimedia projects, with close attention to detail and a strong focus on customer success.

Tailored Solutions

VRtuali provides you with a personal plan tailored on your input and refined on your feedback, so you can get the best outcome from your Immersive Product Experience.

Decades of IT experience

VRtuali brings more than 20 years of Software Development and Systems Integration experience, combined with a lifetime of Music (and Multimedia) Production, delivering solutions in several Countries, and several industries.

Carefully selected professionals

VRtuali relies on a network of professionals, carefully selected over the years to guarantee the quality we always strive to achieve.