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Are you looking for an AI consultant or AI-expert? Then VRtuali is the place to be! With a focus on quality, customization, and results, we elevate your business to a higher level. We are here not only for ChatGPT but also for generating AI images. Curious about the possibilities? On this page, we tell you more about it.


With over 20 years of experience in software development and system integration, our AI consultants have a strong foundation in information technology. It’s no coincidence that they quickly became proficient with AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Visual generation. By now, we can say that our AI-experts have also mastered the intricacies of these technologies. Curious about what they can do?

Our skills with AI technologies

The main skill of our AI consultants is that of prompt engineering. Prompts are the instructions you give to AI technologies. The better the input you provide, the better the outcome. This makes prompt engineering, the design and optimization of prompts, a very important skill nowadays. Although everyone has access to AI, not everyone is capable of handling it well. With good prompt engineering, you make optimal use of today’s possibilities.

Are you looking for an alternative technology consultant? VRTuali has the knowledge and skill to help you.

Prompt engineering in practice

Prompt engineering for ChatGPT and Visual generation goes beyond just giving simple instructions. We list three important aspects of good prompt engineering for you.


When it comes to ChatGPT and Visual generation, it is crucial to test various prompts. Although you can fairly estimate in advance whether a prompt works well or not, it is always better to test. Sometimes a prompt that you don’t expect much from delivers exactly what you need. Also, this testing helps you to understand the technologies faster. You can imagine that our AI-experts have already invested a lot of time in this.

Conditional tokens

It is recommended to use conditional tokens. This gives you more control over the outcome of the AI technology. It not only delivers better results but also faster ones.

Temperature settings

You can adjust the temperature settings of most AI technologies. This is equivalent to the degree of creativity in the output. Do you need simple, business output? Then choose a low temperature. Need variation and creativity? Then you need a high temperature.

Which AI system suits me?

The AI system that suits you best depends on your needs. Do you work a lot with words and language? Then ChatGPT can do a lot for you. Are you in the world of images and design? Then see what AI Visuals generation can do for you. Don’t have time or need some help with this? Feel free to contact one of our AI-experts.

Curious about the possibilities of AI for your business?

Then contact us now, we would be happy to think along with you!

This is why our clients choose VRtuali

Customer success driven

VRtuali provides tailored solutions for IT and Multimedia projects, with close attention to detail and a strong focus on customer success.

Tailored Solutions

VRtuali provides you with a personal plan tailored on your input and refined on your feedback, so you can get the best outcome from your Immersive Product Experience.

Decades of IT experience

VRtuali brings more than 20 years of Software Development and Systems Integration experience, combined with a lifetime of Music (and Multimedia) Production, delivering solutions in several Countries, and several industries.

Carefully selected professionals

VRtuali relies on a network of professionals, carefully selected over the years to guarantee the quality we always strive to achieve.