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Virtual reality and augmented reality are the latest trendy technologies that everyone is talking about. They are here to stay and they will revolutionise our world, similarly to how the internet did about twenty years ago. Several industries are already taking advantage of these technologies such as healthcare, education, retail, automotive, travel, real estate and many more. VRtuali specialises in virtual reality, multimedia productions and IT-implementations, bringing these technologies to your doorstep. Whether you want an app made, a 360 degree video for your website or a 3D printed model of your product, at VRtuali, everything is possible!

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Why Us?

If you have an idea about a VR-AR app, but don’t know where to start, VRtuali is the company you are looking for. We strive to deliver a quality service with close attention to detail and the goal of offering the best ROI to each customer. We listen carefully to determine our customers’ wishes and needs. We will provide you with a personal plan to turn your idea into a VR-AR application. Thanks to the widespread IT experience from our team of carefully selected professionals gained over the years, our tailor made solutions are completely self-serviced, so you won’t have a problem maintaining your application. So, tell us about your idea and we will prepare your personalised quote for realising your project.

Company history

Massimo Bensi founded VRtuali in 2018, after twenty years of working in IT. Massimo started his career as web developer. After that he moved from being a backend software developer to a database administrator and ultimately gained experience as a software/solution/cloud/enterprise architect. With a strong passion for technology, Massimo understands and utilises the latest technologies available. His passion led him to build his first AR Application in 2008 and since then virtual and augmented reality have been a continuous interest to him. The long lasting study and practice of these technologies allowed him to start VRtuali.

Ownership & Structure

VRtuali is a single-owner business founded and run by Massimo Bensi using a network of excellent partners in several specialties and expertise.


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