VR for Business

Thinking about using VR for your business? Then you have come to the right place at VRtuali!

Although Virtual Reality (VR) started out as part of the gaming industry, today it is much more widely used.

Nowadays, companies use Virtual Reality for various purposes. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Staff Training

A first way in which VR can be interesting for companies is for staff training. By using Virtual Reality, specific situations can be simulated, giving the student the opportunity to practice such situations. Think, for example, of fire or disaster drills, where your staff learn how to act when a similar situation arises. Training in the field of communication or dealing with aggression can also be practiced very well with the help of VR. For example, the student can learn to speak in front of a large audience or learn how to act when his interlocutor uses emotion or aggression. A training gets an extra dimension when you can already get a taste of reality with VR glasses. VR is also a new experience for many people, so it makes easier to memorize the training material.

Virtual Reality for Professional Training

Mimicking Environments

By imitating an environment in the virtual world, you can 'enter' the space without being physically present. For example, real estate agents are increasingly using this to allow their potential customers to view a home 'remotely'. Using Virtual Reality, interior designers can also show their customers what a design looks like in practice or what it does when you change a color or material. Mimicking an environment such as an office or factory can also be an interesting form of VR for companies. This way you also show customers on the other side of the world what your company looks like!

3D Environments

VR at Trade Shows and Events

Virtual Reality is an excellent way to attract people at trade shows or events. Due to the playful nature of VR, almost everyone enjoys putting on VR glasses and entering a fictional world. Virtual Reality can therefore be used for all disciplines and can have great added value for your company. VR can also be a nice addition for companies at staff or company parties. Whether you are taking your visitors virtually bungee jumping, walking through New York or taking an elephant ride, using VR for your business is guaranteed to be a success!

Virtual Reality at Trade Shows

Do research

Virtual Reality is very suitable not only as entertainment, but also for a more serious purpose. For many companies, doing research is an important part of their business. After all, it is very important to continue to innovate. Nowadays, VR is increasingly used in research. A virtual environment is the ultimate way to research something, because you can influence all kinds of factors relatively easily. From investigating malignant cells in the body, to testing new technical applications in an airplane, there are countless applications.

Virtual Reality for Research and Simulation

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