Virtual Reality Specialist

If you are looking for a Virtual Reality Specialist, then you have come to the right place at VRtuali.

With more than 20 years of IT experience and extensive specialist knowledge of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), you can definitely call VRtuali a Virtual Reality Specialist.

We would like to tell you more about what VRtuali can do for you as a Virtual Reality Specialist.

What is a Virtual Reality Specialist ?

A Virtual Reality Specialist is a company or person that has a lot of knowledge in the field of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is a virtual world (reality), made possible through the use of computer technology that makes you feel as being in another reality.

By wearing special VR glasses with two small screens in them, the visible reality is replaced by computer-generated images. Because each one of your eyes see a slightly different image, you see depth in the virtual environment, and so you see in 3D.

What does a Virtual Reality Specialist do ?

A Virtual Reality Specialist can help you in countless ways. Primarily, he is a Virtual Reality consultant. He knows all the ins and outs of Virtual Reality and can think along with you about how you can use VR for your company, for example as a marketing tool.

A Virtual Reality Specialist can also be the designer of the Virtual Reality, he is then the one who builds the virtual environment. The specialist therefore often also has an ICT background and the necessary technical knowledge.

This is how a virtual reality specialist can help your marketing

virtual reality specialist

Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality is being used more and more, in all sorts of ways. This can be for recreation, such as in a computer game in which zombies seem to come at you. But Virtual Reality is also being used more and more in education, often with an educational purpose. For example, in a virtual world it is possible to view a volcano up close or to swim around between the coral reef.

The use of Virtual Reality is also becoming more and more common in business. For example, you can let potential customers take a look at your factory at a trade fair or you can use Virtual Reality to train your staff. It is the task of the Virtual Reality Specialist to advise you on this and to develop the right application for you.

virtual reality specialist

VRtuali: The Virtual Reality Specialist

VRtuali is your Virtual Reality Specialist par excellence. We specialize not only in Virtual Reality, but also in multimedia production and IT implementations, to make your VR application work right for you. Whether you are looking for an app, a 360 degree video for your website or a 3D model of your product to be printed with a 3D printer, everything is possible at VRtuali!

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to realize it? VRtuali likes to think along with you, listening carefully to your wishes and needs. Based on this, we come up with a tailor-made proposal that matches the desired image of your company, whereby we always strive to deliver high quality.

This is why our clients choose VRtuali

Customer success driven

VRtuali provides tailored solutions for IT and Multimedia projects, with close attention to detail and a strong focus on customer success.

Tailored Solutions

VRtuali provides you with a personal plan tailored on your input and refined on your feedback, so you can get the best outcome from your Immersive Product Experience.

Decades of IT experience

VRtuali brings more than 20 years of Software Development and Systems Integration experience, combined with a lifetime of Music (and Multimedia) Production, delivering solutions in several Countries, and several industries.

Carefully selected professionals

VRtuali relies on a network of professionals, carefully selected over the years to guarantee the quality we always strive to achieve.

Curious about the possibilities of VR Marketing for your company?